What Really Makes a Woman Irresistible

by Katie Campbell

You can see her from a mile away. That woman with her head held high, an easy smile on her face and a walk that says, "I can rule the world." She exudes confidence. She is the embodiment of fabulous. And she is the nearly unattainable dream girl of a million and one men. You know why you want to be her -- that carefree way she goes about her life as a veritable Superwoman -- but why is she so impossible for men to resist? As ideas and expectations surrounding women today evolve, so does the image of the perfect girlfriend or wife. The working woman is far more accepted, encouraged and revered today than ever before, and she's taking the world of dating by storm. HerMANual gained some insight into why men are finding it more and more difficult to break the spell of powerhouse women everywhere.

Are You Up for the Challenge?
It may sound like a cliche, but men really do appreciate a challenge. Women who let themselves be treated like doormats are less attractive because they clearly lack self-confidence and the ability to say no. Strong women who know what they want out of life challenge men to think about what they really want, too. Being with a woman who is able to go out into the world and be a powerful leader makes a man reflect on himself and strive to be better. It's not about trying to outdo her, but when men see their ladies on the road to greatness, they are motivated to try for the same. Strong couples last because both partners encourage one another to do the best he or she can. Challenging your partner to strive for a promotion or to simply learn something new keeps him interested and motivated in the relationship.

When you start to become complacent and put the burden of every serious decision on your man, you run the risk of making him feel alone in the relationship. Don't bury what you believe in, and don't settle for second best. Show your boyfriend that when it comes to being that powerful woman, you are more than capable of showing the world who's boss.

Ditzy is Not Sexy
Think of some of the most powerful and fabulous women today: Lady Gaga, a world-renowned singer and performer or Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of "Vogue" magazine. These are just two of thousands of amazing women making waves in the world. As diverse as these women are, though, they all have one thing in common -- ditzy is not a word in their vocabularies. Powerful women do not play dumb; they know it's unattractive, fake and playing to outdated stereotypes that get them nowhere fast. Not only will playing the ditzy girl role get you nowhere in the professional world, but it will also put the brakes on any chance you have at a meaningful relationship.

The best men won't appreciate women who play dumb. That kind of behavior is frustrating and reflects poorly on your personality. It raises the question, "If she has to play dumb, then what is it that she's hiding? Is she worth getting to know?" You don't have to be a prodigy in biological engineering or find the cure for cancer, but show your man you have something important and relevant to say. When you show him and the world how thoughtful you can be, another side of you has the opportunity to shine!

Depend on You
Men are attracted to strong women who can depend on themselves. Confident women don't always need someone else to lean on - they can tackle their own problems and know how to reflect on themselves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone and relying on him to be there for you when you need him most, but you have to find balance. If you can't solve anything without your boyfriend's input, then you need to take a step back and realize that he doesn't have all of the answers. It's also not fair to put all of your worries on his shoulders. He doesn't have the benefit of your full perspective, so trying to help can be stressful for him.

But when a woman really has it all together and she can respect his space, a man cannot keep away. That space and respect for boundaries makes a man grateful for the time he has with you, and he'll feel special when you ask for his advice on occasion. "Everything in moderation" is a common practice among strong women. Embody this concept and watch as the men line up for your attention!

Don't Be a Puppet
Good guys aren't the only ones who find strong women attractive. Some bad guys will often get thrown into the mix. It's your job as the powerful, brilliant woman that you are to recognize those guys when you see them and promptly show them the door.

Bad guys come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are all about having control in the relationship. Others simply won't give you the attention you deserve. And the really bad guys might even be verbally or emotionally abusive. But no matter what category he falls into, a bad guy has no place in your fabulous life. Every woman should have a man who knows how lucky he is and who appreciates you for you. If a guy just can't see that, then you have to make the call and be willing to take charge of your life. You don't have to be overly aggressive or downright mean, but you deserve the best. If a man just isn't right for you, then you have to let him go. Just remember to keep it classy. Breaking off a relationship doesn't have to be a battle.

Strong, intelligent women are the ones young girls look up to, women want to be and men want to be with. They are irresistible, and they know it. Learn from these women, see what they have to offer and follow their lead. Anyone can be that woman walking down that street as if she owns it. You have only to tell yourself you're just as incredible as she is and get walking.